‘I liken you to a coach’

I want to thank you for everything you have done for our son, Derek.  From the very beginning you showed professionalism, kindness, knowledge and experience.  Your deep understanding of the college admission process was invaluable.  As any parent who has had a child go through their junior and senior years of high school preparing for college will attest, the road is long and confusing and requires not only a lot of time from the student but also from the parents.

I liken you to a coach.  You helped Derek work his own way through the college admission process.  This way he gets the satisfaction of doing the work and we get the satisfaction of seeing that an extremely experienced individual is behind him guiding him down the right path for a successful outcome.

Because of Derek’s hard work and dedication with his studies, along with your professional and personal guidance, he gained admission to six out of six universities with academic scholarships to four.  While Derek certainly had the foundation covered by making such good grades, without your experience I am not so sure the college search would have been so smooth and without incident.  That is why we were more than happy to pay for your counseling services.  We had piece of mind as parents.  Not to mention Derek likes you as all of your other clients I know have mentioned as well.

Mike and Sharon Rogers
Chesterfield, VA