What does the fee cover in College Planning?

  • All costs related to taking, scoring, reporting, interpreting, and discussing the assessments.
  • Formal Assessments:
  • Do What You Are: An assessment that identifies the individual’s personality type and identifies strengths, blind spots, best match college environments, and potential satisfying careers.
  • Learning Style Inventory:  An assessment that identities the environment and circumstances in which the individual will gain optimum learning.
  • MI (Multiple Intelligences) Advantage: An assessment that indicates the relative strength of the individual’s different areas of intelligence. Potential careers that match the individual’s profile are provided.
  • Career Interest: Several career assessments will be presented from which the individual chooses the one that is deemed most appropriate.
    • Development of a set of statements that outline the student’s:
    • Interests
    • Goals
    • Accomplishments
    • Personality
    • Learning Style
  • Discussion and creation of descriptions of college settings that will provide great matches for the student.
  • Development of a resume.
  • Review of the student’s course of study and activities.  Suggestions for optimizing the high school experience.
  • Brief diagnosis of preparedness for the PSAT, ACT, and SAT.  Suggestions for strengthening test readiness and test taking strategies.


How many counseling sessions are involved in College Planning?



Suppose a student comes to you who already completed a series of interest and career assessments.  Will that student be required to take all of your assessments before moving to the college search and application phases?

No.  If a student arrives with results from other assessments, shows a clear understanding of himself or herself, and has one or more career possibilities that relate to the student’s abilities/ interests/values we can limit the number of formal assessments.  In that case, the College Planning Fee will be adjusted based on the number of assessments utilized.


Can we just skip College Planning Service altogether and move to a specific service such as The College Search or Writing the Essay?

Yes. Students who arrive already comfortable with their level of introspection, can begin with the College Search Service.  Students who have already selected their best fit schools and want to enhance their applications, choose from among the services provided through the College Application Service.