General Questions

Is all of the work accomplished in the counseling setting?

No.  For example, after the decision has been made to work with me, I will send a Questionnaire for the student to complete as an attachment to the student’s e-mail.  The student will complete and return this form to me in the timeframe we have agreed upon.

Additionally, the parents will receive a questionnaire that will be completed and returned in the same manner.

This will be true for other tasks throughout the counseling process.  It is not unusual for some communication to be through e-mail or phone when clarification of an instruction is necessary.  Later in the process, a student will send drafts of essays for me to critique.


Are there fees involved for your time involved in e-mailing and phone conversations?

For quick responses, no.  However, when considerable time is required for a thoughtful response as in critiquing an essay or for researching a topic before giving a response, that time will be charged in 15 minute increments.   Phone conversations are also charged in 15 minute increments.


When should we begin our work with you?

Ideally, it would be great to begin College Planning during the summer before or early in the 9th grade.  By starting that early, your son or daughter will have an excellent base of understanding regarding the college admissions process and the amount of control he or she has in creating an achievement record and a personal history of meaningful activities that will affect his or her college options.  We may meet once or twice in the 10th grade to review goals and accomplishments.

Most often, my services are sought beginning in the junior year and the summer prior to the senior year. While most of the issues related to the student’s achievement record have been established by the end of the junior year, in the spring and summer there is adequate time to move at a moderate pace through all phases of the college admissions process.

When a student contacts me in his or her senior year, an accelerated time table is established.


Please contact me if you have questions that have not been answered.  Thank you.

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