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With the high costs of attending college and the knowledge that approximately 50% of those who begin four-year colleges never graduate, it is critical that students engage in the college planning process with a firm understanding of who they are and why they are pursuing a college education. Next in importance is choosing a college that fits them academically, socially, and financially. The goal is to attend a college where they will thrive, graduate on time, and gain entry to a career or graduate school with as little debt as possible.

The entire college admissions process can be overwhelming. Harbor Counseling’s mission is to bring order and peace of mind to all aspects of the college planning, search, and application processes. Student, parent, and counselor work in collaboration to assure that the best fit schools are identified, all testing is completed, applications are thoroughly reviewed and submitted on time, and essays are written in a compelling manner. Of equal importance is the student’s understanding of the costs of attending college and working through the process of applying for financial aid and scholarships.