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Designed for students in grades 9-11

With the high costs of attending college and the knowledge that approximately 50% of those who begin four-year colleges never graduate, it is critical that students engage in the college planning process with a firm understanding of who they are and why they are pursuing a college education. In this phase of the college admissions process, the following services are provided:

• Helping select high school courses which are important to colleges.
• Helping understand how grades and test scores weigh in college admissions.
• Learning how personality fits into possible careers and college majors.
• Learning how personality, interests, abilities, and learning style can guide the student to his/her best fit colleges.
• Providing both formal (Do What You Are, Learning Style Inventory, and Multiple Intelligences Inventory) and informal assessments that assist the student in identifying and understanding his or her own profile of interests, abilities, personality, and learning style.
• Pointing out the pathways to financial aid and merit scholarships.
• Assisting in establishing a balance between academics, activities, and community service.
• Explaining which tests to take, when to take them, and how to prepare.

Desired Outcome: The student will have an in-depth understanding of personal attributes, accomplishments, and goals and understand how to use this knowledge in search for colleges and careers. The student will have identified one or two career paths that will provide both success and satisfaction and will chart an educational path that will qualify the student for your potential field of work. You know who you are, what is important to you, and what you want to accomplish.

Fee Options for the College Planning Phase:
1. Hourly Rate: Counseling sessions are billed at $70.00 per hour. Each assessment is billed at $30.00 and interpretation session is billed at $40.00. The hourly rate is the most economical for those clients who may only want an occasional meeting to set goals, strategize, and review progress.
2. Flat Rate: All-Inclusive College Planning Package includes all assessments, interpretations, and 4 individual sessions beyond the assessment interpretation sessions to be billed at $450.00.