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College Search Services

Designed for students in the 11th Grade

The quality of a student’s college search and eventual selection of where to apply determine the success of the college admissions experience. Students who accurately assess themselves with regard to academics, personality, interests, accomplishments, and possible career goals:
• realistically identify their “safety”, “reach”, and “stretch” college choices, and have good reasons for each of them to be a first choice school.
• identify colleges that provide programs of study that most interest them,
• identify colleges that provide opportunities to pursue their special interests/talents,
• identify college environments where they have the greatest potential for success, and
• consider costs of attending particular colleges and determine whether scholarships and other forms of financial aid will be required.

In this phase of the college admissions process, the following services are provided:
1. Review of interests, personality, learning style, achievement, test scores, high school transcript, and accomplishments, and show how to make the connection to colleges that best suit the student’s needs.
2. A free online Student Portal (MYCCA-The Guided Path) to conduct college searches and find the best-fit colleges.
3. Instruction in the use of the EFC (Expected Family Contribution) and Net Price calculators to assist in finding best financial-fit colleges.
4. Inform the student and parents about the world of financial aid and how to avoid the pitfalls.
5. Help the student and parents understand eligibility for merit-based scholarships and, based on the student’s profile, which schools may provide merit-based scholarship offers.
6. Make recommendations for colleges where the student has a strong to assured chance for admission and help the student develop and carry out the college search plan. When I research schools for students, I utilize all the information we have gathered during the initial college planning phase:
A. Questionnaires, Do What You Are reports, meetings, transcripts, test scores, and accomplishments.
B. Among the college characteristics taken into consideration are:

  • – location
  • – level of competitiveness
  • – cost of attending
  • – programs of study
  • – opportunities to pursue special interests/talents
  • – campus size and environment.

7. Provide a guide to making the most of college visits. Visiting colleges is a critical component of selecting best-fit colleges.
8. Provide a guide and practice sessions for college and scholarship interviews.
9. Create a list of best-fit colleges and identifying those to which the student will apply.

Desired Outcome: The student will successfully identify 3-7 colleges/universities where he or she will thrive and will be considered a strong to assured admissions candidate. Additionally, the student will have a thorough knowledge of costs at each school and understand his/her chances for financial aid and scholarships.

Fee Options for the College Search Phase
1. Hourly Rate: Counseling sessions are billed at $70.00 per hour.
A. Professional support services such as researching/contacting colleges, telephone/e-mail consultations with students or parents will be pro-rated in 15 minute time blocks.
B. A brief summary of each counseling session will be e-mailed to student and
C. A brief summary of time involved in support services will be noted on the monthly invoice.
D. Monthly statements will be mailed.

2. Flat Rate: All-inclusive College Search Package includes all services as outlined under the College Search heading as well as all communication and meetings with student, parents, high school and college personnel as well as my research to be billed at $300.00.
A. A brief summary of each counseling session will be e-mailed to student and parents.
B. A brief summary of time involved in support services will be e-mailed to student and parents.
C. Payment for this package is requested at the time of agreement for services.