Why Choose Me?

I am pleased that you are considering me as your college advisor. As your college advisor I have the experience, expertise, and time to devote to you as you navigate each of the important stages in the college admissions process. While many students proceed through the entire college search and application processes without any or very little assistance, other students benefit from working with me because I can devote whatever amount of time and expertise those students require. Just as in athletics where athletes may utilize additional resources such as summer camps and athletic trainers to maximize their talents, in the college admissions process, students utilize my services to maximize their efforts and presentations.

It is important for you to know that throughout my work with you, your school counselor continues to be your main link to college. While assisting you, I am supporting and complimenting the work of your school counselor. I work in partnership with you, your school counselor, and your parents. In this professional relationship, you are the senior partner, you are in charge and responsible for following through with each task.